1. Dale

He was the moral centre of the gang who literally died in the jaws of a walker in Season 2. It was a heart wrenching scene. However, according to the books, he was supposed to have lived longer and his tale was way different from the one on screen. According to the comics, he was seriously involved with Andrea. He had great leadership qualities but succumbed to bites from a walker, or let’s say walkers since he was attacked twice. The first attack was outside a prison while the other one was from a walker underneath a car. He finally died during sleep with Andrea next to him who ensured that he was dead so that he wouldn’t come back.

2. Shane

He’s not a very liked character since he falls in love with his friend’s wife. He was also a bully and had traits that were animalistic to say the least. He was almost the same in the series like he was in comics. Just that his death was made compact in the show and was different than in the books. The series shows Shane and Rick get into an altercation wherein Shane threatens to kill Rick. Well, this was the case in comics too. However, after a few moments, Carl pulls trigger and shoots Shane in the neck thereby killing him. Apparently, Carl got protective for Rick which is why he pulled out the gun. When the group discovers that you don’t need a walker bite to turn into one, Rick digs up Shane’s grave who has converted into a walker. He further shoots Shane in the head to the end his story.

3. Lori

The death of Lori Grimes was painstakingly painful both in the comics as well as in the show. In the show, she passes away during her delivery of a baby girl. Carl is left with no other option but to shoot her before she could convert into a walker. However, the books have a far more horrifying version of her death. It so happens that during an attack by the Governor and his men, a girl named Lilly shoots Lori at her back. Lori was trying to escape with her baby girl in her arms. The shot tears through them and eventually Lori falls on top of her baby. It’s a grim death for both mother and daughter.

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