9. Poor Supporting Characters

Arya COULD be a brilliant character. It's true. Her personality, rogue-ish behaviour and unconventional mannerisms are refreshing but since Braavos became her backdrop, everyone around her has been a disappointment.

Jaqen H'ghar was a cool, composed man when we first met him. He was a mysterious figure and strangely felt like he had a streak of dark humour in him. His smirking, lethal nature led us to believe he was going to be a fantastic character, but he isn't.

Instead, he's been cold, detached, rarely leaving his temple rooms, and squandered his potential on washing corpses. As for the Waif, she simply didn't feel like a genuine threat to Arya's life, no matter how intense she appeared to be.

8. No 'Buddy' Pairing

Arya's finest scenes in the whole show have revolved around her interactions with others and increasingly unlikely pairings she's found herself in. Arya and The Hound remain one of the greatest duos in Thrones history.

However, since she left Sandor for dead, Arya has been isolated. For a lone wolf like her, it's probably not a huge surprise that the writers took her leagues beyond her comfort zone, but there's no denying Arya is at her finest with a 'buddy' figure at her side, whoever that may be.

7. Dragged Out

Arya received the coin that led her to Braavos all the way back in Season 3 before finally using it at the end of Season 4. She sailed across the Narrow Sea and completed her journey in time for Season 5.

Her Season 6 outings have been more entertaining, but her Season 5 scenes were largely dragged out beyond the point of being remotely interesting. Thrones is a show that doesn't like to rush things, and that's admirable, but there's only so much floor-scrubbing action fans can take before it becomes plain boring.

(source whatcultre)

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