9. The Vatos' Fate Revealed (Season 2)

Remember the heady days of The Walking Dead season one? When Rick and his gang were more concerned with staying alive than rebuilding the world, Glenn looked about 12, and Andrea and Dale were still alive?

During the fourth episode, the survivors arrive at a nursing home in Atlanta and find a gang called the Vatos holed up there, protecting their family from the endless tide of walkers. Rick leaves guns and ammunition behind for them before hitting the road.

Going purely off the footage which aired, the Vatos' fate was left open-ended, but a deleted scene from season two's premiere reveals exactly what happened to them, and it wasn't pretty.

Rick and his crew return to the nursing home to find it overrun with zombies and littered with corpses. All of the Vatos are either dead or undead, and on closer inspection, the former sheriff realises this was the handiwork of human pillagers, rather than zombies.

Yeah, it's pretty grim, but that's not why it was cut. Season two's premiere was actually two episodes spliced together as a result of a subplot involving Shane being nixed at the last minute, so the showrunners were forced to axe everything bar non-essential footage to keep the runtime from spilling over.

8. The Glenn Dream Sequence (Season 7)

One of the saddest scenes from The Walking Dead's seventh season - and let's face it, there's a good few - ended up on the cutting room floor when Rick's daydream sequence from the premiere was streamlined.

The longer version of the dream brings back Glenn, Abraham and other characters who died horrible deaths to paint a picture of what Alexandria might be like in the future had they survived.

It's a haunting scene which shows Glenn playing with his future son while Abraham and Sasha watch on, and it serves as a grim reminder that this child is destined to grow up without a father thanks to Negan.

There's no official explanation for why this scene was cut. Presumably it was to tighten the episode's runtime, or perhaps it was because its tone clashed with the abject horror of the rest of the episode.

7. Rick's F-Bomb (Season 4)

F-bombs are finally fair game in Walking Dead, so expect a couple to be dropped in season eight, but Rick and co were forced to watch their language in the past.

This was felt at the end of season four when the Terminants imprisoned the gang and Rick launches into a dramatic monologue, punctuated by a panning camera.

"They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out," he says. "They're screwing with the wrong people".

In the comics, and indeed the original script for this episode before it was censored, Rick lets off a massive F-bomb instead of saying "screwing" and it sounds 10 times more badass.

Remember that episode of South Park where every other word is an expletive, a stunt it pulled to prove that swear words are only effective when used sparingly? This particular F-bomb would have been impactful had it been left in for this very reason.

Fortunately, the uncensored version of the scene wound up on season 4's DVD and Blu-ray boxsets, and it hits home so much f***ing harder.

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