9. Saul Opens A Law Practice In Nebraska
While Season 6 may not be happening, Breaking Bad does live on thanks to the prequel series Better Call Saul. Because of that show, we’re finding out just who Saul was before Walter and Jesse walked into his office, and how he made the transition from Slippin’ Jimmy to Saul Goodman. But nevermind before, what about what happened after?

Saul didn’t even get to make an appearance in the series finale, and the last we heard of him he was headed off to Nebraska with a new identity, after telling Walt to turn himself in. Although he finds himself pretty much starting from scratch again, you have to imagine that things will be just fine for Saul, and not all that different.

He may have a different name, but he can’t change his nature. He’s a lawyer, and that’s what he’ll continue to be, despite the revelation at the start of Better Call Saul that he stuck to his plan to work at Cinnabon. Eventually, you have to think he will defer to type, even with the ghosts of his past standing on his shoulders.

Although he’ll steer clear of the more criminal cases, he’ll make a steady living as a small time lawyer in Omaha, and continually hope the past never catches up with him.

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