9. Who’s Playing Him?

He appeared in an episode of Skins back when that show was actually worth watching, and had a supporting role on Luck, the Dustin Hoffman-starring HBO series that no one seemed to watch. Based on his performance in The Next World, at least, it seems as though they’ve made a good choice. He’s got the look down, and appears to successfully convey his other characteristics as well, being funny, cocky, and capable when it comes to the action scenes.

8. His Introduction

In the comics, it’s Michonne and Abraham he runs into. He takes Abraham prisoner, and demands that Michonne bring her leader – in other words, Rick – to him. But when that happens, Rick knocks him out, and takes him back to Alexandria as a prisoner.

The specifics may be different, but the end-goal is the same: get him to Alexandria, and ready to make a deal with Rick.

7. His Character

“I think you know I’m not a bad guy.”

Paul Rovia, or Monroe as he is in the comics (changed to avoid confusion with Spencer), definitely isn’t a bad guy. Sure, he may attack Rick and Daryl here, or Abraham and Michonne in the comics, but he’s one of the last inherently decent human beings left alive.

(source whatculture)

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