9. Gandalf's sword is hidden in the Iron Throne

According to Westeros legend, the Iron Throne is made up of hundreds of swords, hammered for months while heated by dragon fire. But, as I'm sure you're aware, it's only a model. In reality, the Iron Throne was cobbled together by a bunch of sweaty dudes and ladies using plastic and probably a little paper mache; there are like six different Iron Thrones that tour the country, built to hold up the sturdiest of nerds posing for photo ops at Comic Cons. All those swords that are supposedly from the the great King Aegon's vanquished foes are actually a bunch of plastic props the production team had laying around.

As it so happens, one of the swords that makes up the Iron Throne happens to belong to Gandalf of Lord of the Rings fame. You can clearly see the sword, named Glamdring because people in fantasy name their swords more often than their genitals, right smack dab in the middle of the throne. Here, it's right next to the royal shitstain:

The spired handle and the curvy hilt definitely give it away. The only real question is whether it was put there intentionally, as a nod to Lord of the Rings, or whether it's there by happenstance. Others have pointed out that you can see a sword from medieval epic Kingdom of Heaven in the throne, which seems more like it could be in the "Whatever We Had in the Sword Shed" category. Still, the prime placement of Glamdring and its relative fame leads me to hope it was put there on purpose.

Then again, Gandalf's sword being in the throne means he was defeated by King Aegon. Or maybe he just died of old age after a really long dwarven dinner party.

8. Littlefinger predicts all the major deaths of Season 4 in one sentence

It's hard to take anything Peter Baelish says at face value. I mean, dude's nickname is Littlefinger; at any given time he's only a facial scar and a fluffy white cat away from becoming a Bond villain. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen closely to everything he says, even the lies. Especially the lies.

In late season 4, Littlefinger consoles an oblivious Robin Arryn right after his mom got dunked down the Moon Door, and explains the important lesson/popular catchphrase for ill-advised tattoos: All Men Must Die. What's interesting is how specific Littlefinger gets about the places people can die: their dinnertables, their beds, and their chamberpots -- which all correspond to major on-screen deaths in season 4.

So let's play a game of Clue and figure out who he's referring to and where.

We've got Joffrey at the dinnertable with the poisoned wine...

...and Shae strangled by Tyrion in bed...

...and just after that, Tywin shot by a crossbow on ye olde shitter, also known as a chamberpot.

If you want to split hairs, Littlefinger says this line after Joffrey's death, but it's still before Shae or Tywin meet their demise. And Tyrion was acting in the heat of passion, so it's just a coincidence, right? Or did Littlefinger conspire with Varys to release Tyrion from his cell, knowing full well what would happen after he finds Shae in his father's bed? And then tell little Robin for no reason?

Seeing the way some of these other easter eggs are planted, I wouldn't rule it out.

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