The beginning of the episode begins very similarly to the comics. However, the news Maggie receives is slightly different.

SHOW: Dr. Carson informs Maggie she’s suffering from a rare condition known as abruptio placentae. It’s caused from trauma but shouldn’t affect the baby. He advises she take it easy and stay at The Hilltop for the remainder of her pregnancy.

COMICS: Dr. Carson tells Maggie her unborn baby is doing just fine and she has nothing to worry about. Suddenly, Gregory interrupts to introduce himself to Maggie, which he’s done in the past. She corrects him and then chats with her adopted daughter Sophia about adjusting to Hilltop life.


In both the comic and show Maggie visits Glenn’s grave and is comforted by another woman who’s also experienced loss. However, that’s when the show deviates from the source material:

SHOW: Maggie visits Glenn’s grave with Sasha and they comfort each other in their losses. Jesus shows up to place green flowers on his grave to symbolize release. Gregory then arrives to question Maggie about what she told The Saviors about the agreement between his community and Alexandria. She assures him they’re still oblivious but Gregory demands she and Sasha leave immediately. Jesus buys them time and gets Gregory to agree to let them stay the night.

COMICS: Maggie visits Glenn’s grave and is greeted by Hilltop resident Brianna, who’s also experienced loss. She comforts Maggie by discussing how she handled the death of her husband, parents, daughter, and siblings. (Note: Sasha and Briana are two completely different characters).


Sorry, the Savior trap that involved blasting orchestral music in a locked car to attract a horde of walkers into The Hilltop all leading to Maggie plowing them with a tractor did NOT happen. It did however make a great case for how terrible The Saviors are with the Hilltopians. Hilltop Colonians? Hilltoppers? Decide in the comments!

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