9. Hydrofluoric Acid Wouldn’t Burn Through A Bathtub
One of the first stark and mesmerizing images from the show came during the second episode of Season 1 when hydrofluoric acid burnt through the bathtub and down through the ceiling, causing the remains of the late Emilio Koyama to come crashing down. This certainly made for a striking visual to close out the episode. However, Walter’s claim that hydrofluoric acid burns through everything except plastic isn’t actually true. As the always trusty and reliable folks at Mythbusters would prove, hydrofluoric acid can’t burn through a bathtub. In fact, hydrofluoric acid doesn’t seem to be nearly as destructive in real life as the show made it out to be. In Mythbusters, when tested against wood, linoleum, and silver, the acid did little to no damage. In fact, when the show’s hosts upped the ante and filled up an entire tub with sulfuric acid, they still weren’t even able to produce a dent — except for the one in Breaking Bad‘s plot.

(source therichest)

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