As the amazing "Light of the Seven" theme from the Season 6 finale plays, we see Sansa in the godswood of Winterfell, looking rather pensive.

In a voiceover, we hear Littlefinger saying, "Don't fight in the North, or the South. Fight every battle, everywhere. Always. In your mind."

The juxtaposition of his voice with this shot of Sansa is interesting. It suggests Littlefinger will continue to try to influence her, turning her away from Jon, battling for her mind. We saw this story being set up in the Season 6 finale, in the conversation between Sansa and Littlefinger in the godswood, which had ramifications in the King in the North scene, in which Sansa looked pretty pissed. Combined with the shot in the first trailer showing Littlefinger looming over Sansa, it looks like this internal battle will be a significant part of her story arc for Season 7.

We then see the shot of the gate at the Wall rising, which was in the previous trailer – but the next shot makes it more interesting. Because look who it's rising for.

Yep, that's almost certainly Meera, pulling Bran on his sled.

Next we have Jon, looking very cold north of the Wall, with an unknown man standing beside him. This is part of the same sequence we saw in the first trailer, which showed him, along with Tormund, running away from something.

More on that in a moment.

We head to King's Landing, with the Lannister banners proudly displayed, and the gold cloaks of the city watch walking through what looks like a pretty happy crowd.

Who could they be applauding? Surely not Cersei, who they already hated BEFORE she blew up half the city?

Is it Jaime Lannister, returning from battle? Or Euron Greyjoy, who we know is heading into King's Landing? (more on that soon)

Speaking of Cersei, here she is in a dark place – likely the black cells, where she was last seen leaving the Shame Nun in the hands of the undead Mountain.

Next, we get our first shot of Dany in this trailer, tracing her hand along the giant map table at Dragonstone.

She's wearing the same outfit she has on when she arrives at Dragonstone, so this could be when she walks in and sees the table for the first time.

There's a shot of some unidentified people arriving by boat on an unidentified shore.

Possibly Dragonstone? It's hard to glean any meaningful information from this one.

Then there's Arya, with Needle, on a horse – a shot we've seen before.

I think (hope!) this is her approaching Winterfell for the first time after so many years away.

Next we see a shot of Jaime walking along the ramparts of a castle – the dead body he casually walks past suggests this is NOT King's Landing.

(source buzzfeed)

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