Spoilers for The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere follow.

The hype for The Walking Dead's season 7 premiere was built surrounding the mystery of Negan's victim's identity. Fans were made regretful of their wishes to see the kill when it turned out Negan would kill not one but two core members of the Alexandria crew.

However, one of those two victims was not Maggie which makes this particular story very interesting. With less than 24 hours remaining until The Walking Dead returned for its seventh season, video leaked online showing Negan killing the last remaining child of Hershel Greene's bloodline, Maggie. Fans were thrown for a loop, wondering if this footage was real and, if it was real, would it be the big kill we were waiting on?

As it would turn out - the clip is one of the alternate takes the crew of The Walking Dead claimed to have filmed back in May when production of Season 7 began.

You can see it in the clip below.

As for why the clip leaked at all, or more specifically when it did, no one can say for sure. With rumors popping up of Abraham and Glenn being the victims surfacing in comment sections and spoiler sites ahead of the premiere, some believe the leak to have been an intentional misdirect by the crew at AMC. That would be a bold new tactic to protect TV secrets.

In the Season 7 premiere, audiences saw most of the eleven potential victims get the bat in the form of Rick's imagination. Those clips, however, were quick flashes of the impact. It appears each death was actually filmed in full gory detail.

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