It’s been awhile since Better Call Saul left us with a phenomenal season one finale that included a Chicago sunroof, the death of a beloved character, and watching Jimmy blow a gasket during a game of Bingo in an old folk’s home. The Breaking Bad spin-off is set to return the day after Valentine’s Day this year. Filming on the second season has wrapped, but we haven’t seen any new footage. However, we now have a couple of new images to get us excited about the season two trailer, which should be along soon.

Here we have Jimmy and Mike, and this photo basically shows us that Mike and Jimmy’s relationship is likely to expand in season two and that, based on Jimmy’s cup — which reads “World’s 2nd Best Lawyer” — he still has his sense of humor.

The second image, however, is the more intriguing one, because the way the suits are lined up suggests an out with the old conservative Jimmy and in with the new, louder Saul.

Vince Gilligan has stated that he’s in no hurry to effectuate the total transformation into Saul Goodman, so it may be a while before Jimmy McGill goes by his new name. However, in season two, we can expect to see an ever-increasing number of dashes of Saul’s personality work its way into Jimmy. Where Breaking Bad was the journey of Walter White from Mr. Chips into Scarface, the Better Call Saul journey will be a different, though no less intriguing transition.

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