11. Laura Fraser

The Role:

Recurred as Lydia in the first half of season five before joining the main cast for the final stretch.

In 2014, Fraser starred as Regan Black in the short-lived ABC drama Black Box and made an appearance in the Ioan Gruffudd-led series Forever on ABC. She also starred in the Caryn Waechter-directed film The Sisterhood of Night.

This year, she turned up for a spot on Law & Order: SVU, though she’s got a handful of projects in the works, including the television movie Peter & Wendy, a modern retelling of J. M. Barrie’s classic tale that will feature Stanley Tucci as Captain Hook.

As for the future, horror fans can check her out alongside Christopher Lloyd in next year’s I Am Not a Serial Killer, the adaptation of Dan Wells’ 2009 novel about a sociopathic teen who gets tangled up in the web of a serial killer in his own town.

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