When Rick lost his wife Lori on The Walking Dead, he continued to see her in delirious visions. Could the same trick bring back Glenn and Abraham?

By now, fans everywhere have had time to process and react to the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Both characters met their untimely demise at the hands of Negan in Sunday’s Walking Dead premiere.

Fans may remember though, that for one major death on the show, the end wasn’t really the end. After Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) died, she continued to appear to Rick for a while. At the time, Rick was losing his grasp on reality and began having visions of Lori.

The Ghosts of Abraham and Glenn

Could a similar circumstance bring Glenn or Abraham back to the show? The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln weighed in on that very subject.

“The legacy they leave on the show will absolutely be there,” said Lincoln. “The echoes of their death will haunt these characters until the show finishes. But that kind of question is above my imagination, I just say the words and show up! Both of those characters and both of those actors carved such heart, humor, love, gallantry and honor — they both embodied those characteristics. It’s a devastating loss but when I said the same to [showrunner] Scott M. Gimple] when we lost Hershel (Scott Wilson) and I missed him terribly. I said the same thing this season and Scott said, ‘That’s the point.'”

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