A single gun shot was enough to rally a herd of walkers large enough to cause enough mayhem at a farmhouse that it would burn down and its residents would run for their lives on The Walking Dead.

On Sunday night, a gun shot did not catch the attention of single walker at a carnival.

Rick Grimes and his group would never fire an unnecessary gun shot in fear of being surrounded by walkers. Granted, today's survivors on the AMC series have developed the skills to take on walkers with much more ease than they were able to maneuver in earlier seasons.

When Michonne fired her gun from atop the school, twice, not a single walker turned their attention toward the sound of the gun.

This is one of two complaints plaguing The Walking Dead's subreddit about the Rick and Michonne scenes at the apocalyptic carnival. Some users are shouting out that Rick was only hitting walkers in the jaw with his hatchet and it was enough to kill them.

The second complaint can easily be defended, as Rick's hatchet is likely causing all sorts of damage to walker heads which is not going to be examined beyond ripping half of their faces and heads off with one swing. Any sort of impact to the walker's heads would be enough to damage the brains.

As for the walkers not turning towards the sound of a gunshot, that's one only the team behind the series can explain.

(source comicbook)

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