They’re all going to die aren’t they? The Walking Dead creators can talk all they like about how the series will be revolutionised; how it will be bigger and louder and scarier and more intense than ever before. Of course they’re going to say that, it’s AMC’s biggest cash cow, but you just the feeling that they really mean: ‘Everyone’s going die, it’s going to be nasty, there will be blood, and there’s not a thing you can do about it…’

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in recent years, it’s that our favourite characters are going to die – horribly and suddenly. Season 6B will be no different. The Walking Dead rarely feels like a full season, with showrunner Scott Gimple previously stating that it seeks to ‘reinvent’ itself every 8 episodes. 6B feels like the start of a new chapter for the show, and that could make or break it as audience figures begin the plateau.

But what can we expect from the next run of episodes? The cast and crew have dropped a few little teasers, a few set photos have emerged, and minor shreds of information have been dropped on the fans.

You’d have to read the comic books for a detailed look at the plot, but here’s everything you need to know about 6B for now…

9. The Trailer

First thing’s first, the new half-season gets underway on February 14th, and there’s a trailer. We’ve been hit with a sneak peak of the mid-season premiere and it looks like the show won’t be wasting any time when it comes to intense action. It’s good news for fans who were left a little underwhelmed following the first half of Season 6 and its numerous slower-paced episodes.

If we’re reading into the trailer beyond just ‘blood’ and ‘zombies’, it’s safe to assume that the action will pick up immediately from the last scene as young Sam tries his best to get everyone killed by calling for Jessie in the middle of a walker herd. Great work, kid. Really super.

8. Instagram Hints At A New Location

TV shows are no longer just TV shows. They’re merchandising behemoths, they’re web series’, they’re spin-offs, and they’re plastered across the internet on every social media platform available. The Walking Dead Instagram account has been churning out some interesting promotional material, and the three most recent photos all heavily suggest the characters are on the move.

In my opinion, it’s disappointing to think that the characters would simply give up on Alexandria so soon, as they have done with pretty much every settlement, but it looks very likely. Morgan riding a horse, an alien-like satellite station, and an RV with a car are the three images. They all suggest a change of scenery for the group.

7. Episode Titles

We’ve only got one to go by, and it’s an ambiguous one. Season 6 Episode 9 will hit our screens with the title ‘No Way Out’. It could mean any number of things for the show and its characters, so here are some potential ideas. The obvious thought is that the characters are desperate to claw their way out of Alexandria, but the walker horde is making that a tough task. Expect several dashes for freedom, and expect some of them to end badly.

At the minute, we have Daryl & Co. being held by Negan’s men, Rick, Carl, Jessie, Sam, Ron and Michonne are trundling through the walker herd, Glenn and Enid are honing in on Maggie’s position, and the joke group, Tara, Eugene and Rosita are penned into a house. Here’s hoping the title refers to the latter trio…

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