1. I know we have lots of stuff to worry about, but you know what's been bothering me?

2. There's no Targaryen banner on the little model of Dragonstone in the opening credits.

3. Like, c'mon, it took Dany years to get back here.

4. I do like seeing Joe Dempsie's name in the credits though, WELCOME BACK GENDRY.

5. "Winterfell is the South." Hahaha Tormund is every Northerner who thinks that like, Missouri is the South.

6. I like that we're just getting Tormund and Jon bro-talk during this little hike.

7. "This one's been killed six times, you don't hear him bitching about it." He has a point.

8. More like Brotherhood Without Manners, amirite???

9. There is a lot of complicated shit going on here. "Your father wanted to execute me, you know." Awkward.

10. Aww, this Arya story about Ned.

11. Arya, you're smarter than this.

12. Arya DO NOT bring Lyanna Mormont into this!


14. Please, neither of you can die, we need a Tormund/Hound spin-off show.

15. It'll be called Ginger & The Hound and it'll be about them having to split a studio apartment in New York.

16. Even Tyrion ships Dany and Jon.

17. "He's too little for me." Wow Dany, way harsh.

18. I don't like it when they fight ??.

19. Oh god now there are fucking wight BEARS?

20. Well, the redshirts are dead.

21. Dammit, it's so cool when they light up those swords.

22. Holy shit, Thoros is a badass.

23. Dude got mauled by a zombie bear and he's just like, "cauterize that shit and let's roll."

24. Sansa, you've learned not to listen to Littlefinger, come on now.


26. Well that explains why it's taking so long for the army of the dead to get to Eastwatch. They walk SO slowly.

27. Convenient that this one wight didn't collapse into ash.

28. Wait, does that mean he belongs to another White Walker?

29. Oh shiiiiiit.

30. Now a frozen lake?!
(source buzzfeed)

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