Back when Breaking Bad was coming to an end, many touted “Ozymandias” as the greatest episode of television they had ever seen. And they’re kinda correct, it’s a very good slice of television. But now it might’ve been knocked off the top of the heap by another popular TV show: Game of Thrones.

Now given, this is all based on metrics collected by IMDB. This is basically like taking a hand count of the internet’s personal tastes, one that luckily usually pans out aside from the moments when The Hunger Games outranks The Godfather.

According to Tech Insider, the folks on Reddit have pointed out that more folks have voted for The “Battle of the Bastards” than “Ozymandias” on the site, giving both a perfect 10 and allowing Game of Thrones to take the top.

Does this mean Game of Thrones is better than Breaking Bad? For some, sure. But if you check out the reviews and attempt to compile a clearer picture of it all, you’ll probably see that people respect Vince Gilligan’s show a bit more than the deep fantasy of Westeros.

The people who don’t pay attention to reviews and enjoy seeing the stars and numbers will need nothing more. Game of Thrones is now the best and everything Walter White ever did is trash.

(source uproxx)

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