On the outside, Home Alone is about a boy who has to defend his house from two criminals after being left behind on a family trip. But let’s cut the shit. Kevin wasn’t trying to save his house. He was trying to kill two men. Kevin takes pleasure in other people’s pain. He is a sadist.

Our first warning sign of Kevin being a totally dark-sided problematic child happens early in the movie when we see Kevin fully ecstatic about his parents “disappearing.”

Things are fun and games and mac ’n’ cheese…

…until the *real* Kevin comes out.

When provoked by two intruders, Kevin snaps.

Kevin makes a plan to kill the intruders. He sets up booby traps throughout his house. This is not the work of an innocent child. This is the work of a trained killer.

Welcome to hell house.

It starts off innocent enough. Kevin sets out ornaments for Marv to step on. Fine.

He ices the front steps. Okay.

But things take a darker turn when Kevin puts a hot iron on the door. How he thought of this? No idea.

In the back of the house, he sets up a blowtorch. He wants to essentially burn Harry’s head off.

Then, from short range, he shoots Marv in the head. His smile speaks volumes on the pleasure he’s getting from this.

He tries to mutilate their genitals…

…and smash their skulls in.

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