The Walking Dead has been on our screens for five years now, in that time we've seen civilization crumble, humanity reduce itself to murder and cannibalism, and zombies taking over vast swathes of America.

But how long does all that actually take?

Although, The Walking Dead has been around for quite a while, the actual show has explored a time period a lot shorter than this. In fact, it seems the whole world went to ruin surprisingly quickly. According to Walking Dead Wikia, the last episode, "Coda," is set 514 days after the initial walker outbreak.

Here is how the various seasons break down.

Season 1

If we discount the flashback sequences, the very first episode, suitably titled "Days Gone Bye," starts on Day +60 after the initial outbreak.

One day later, Rick scores his first zombie kill with a baseball bat, while he also meets Glenn and the other survivors. It also took Lori at least 61 days to get over the loss of her husband, as we see her having a woodland romp with Shane also on this day.

Awkwardly, this the same day Rick's finally re-united with his family.

Season 1 ends on Day +65, meaning the whole thing took less than a week.

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