"Game of Thrones" season seven is just days away, and HBO is hyping up fans with a new exclusive Snapchat filter. The code to download the new filter was sent through the "Game of Thrones" newsletter, Whispers of Westeros, but we're here to walk you through accessing and using the new Night King-themed filter.

First pull up the Snap code for the filter.

Here's the link to Snapchat's website with the snapcode. If you're on your mobile phone already, simply click on the Snapcode link in that web page.

If you're reading this guide on your desktop, open Snapchat and hold your camera up to the Snapcode below:

Once the camera focuses, take a Snap of the code. You should feel your phone vibrate and within 30 seconds a notice will appear saying "New Lens Found!"

HBO has made the "Game of Thrones" lens temporary — so you'll only be able to use it for one hour after it unlocks.

(source businessinsider)

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