Jason Momoa is not only one of the coolest guys around, but he's also pretty easy on the eyes. So naturally, the star receives numerous fan photo requests from the ladies - but don't worry Momoa has found a brilliant way to make their partners feel included. The Aquaman star has begun ceremoniously trolling couples on camera by pretending to steal women from their significant others and it's hilarious.

Denver Comic Con attendee Liz told her Momoa troll experience and it made us love the actor even more. “It’s true that I did kind of want to have my own picture (really, who can blame me?), but in reality, the only thing my husband “wasn’t comfortable with” was actually just the idea of us spending that much money on a picture if he wasn’t going to be in it, so he decided to make the most of it,” she recalled. “He handled it expertly: “Will you do prom pose with my wife while I stand photoshopping distance away?” “Hell yeah!” was Momoa’s immediate response. Before I knew it, the camera flashed, and everyone in the booth around us was laughing. As we were shuffled toward the exit, I heard Momoa call out, “My man – that’s going to be the best one!” The husband even took the idea one step further and had the actor sign over his face.

Momoa continues to troll couples, scroll down below to see some of the best ones!

#1 A Better Love Story Than Twilight

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#2 "I Told My Husband I Wanted A Picture Alone With Jason Momoa, But He Wasn't Comfortable With That"

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#3 If This Is What It Takes For My Girl To Stray From Me... I’m Doing Pretty Well

#4 I’ve Loved Women My Entire Life But This Dude Makes Me Doubt My Orientation

#5 "We Got To Meet Jason Momoa Today"

#6 "Here's A Photo Of My Girlfriend And I Meeting Jason At Calgary Expo This Year"

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#7 Her Husband Wasn’t Very Comfortable With That

#8 Mr. Stealing Your Girl

#9 "He Is Such A Chill Guy, It Was Awesome When I Met Him"

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#10 What An Amazing Weekend!

#11 "Khal Drogo Stole My Wife & Child, And All I Got Was This Pink Sock"

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#12 Wasn't This A Fun Idea

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#13 Jason Momoa Thank You For Making Me Laugh And For Being You

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#14 Jason Loves Redheads

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