1. Young Ser Davos (in 1995's First Knight)

The Onion Knight himself Liam Cunningham has always had a way with chivalry.

2. Young Roose Bolton (in 2001's Paths to Freedom)

Michael McElhatton may not be the Warden of The North anymore, but he defends the top of his hair in this movie.

3. Young Petyr Baelish (in 2000's The Low Down)

Aidan Gillen proves that the early 2000's were a Fieri-ish time for everybody.

4. Young Lord Varys (in 1994's Blue Heaven)

Conleth Hill has played many much hairier roles before Game of Thrones.

5. Jaqen H'gar (in 2008's Spoons)

A man is given a name, and it's Tom Wlaschiha.

(H/t: dorkly.com)

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