Arya’s story throughout season six of Game of Thrones was notable for a few reasons. First, it showed the girl-with-no-name finally admitting she is still a Stark, having not forgotten her roots in Winterfell.

Second, in the last episode, we saw Arya become a cold-blooded killer, enjoying herself as she slit Walder Frey’s throat, ticking another name off her lengthy list.

Is Arya revelling in the Fray’s death is something we should be worried about? “It does worry me,” actor Maisie Williams told Variety. “Because it’s sad when our heroes take it too far and they don’t just do their job, they actually enjoy it and you see a twisted spark behind the eyes. It’s worrying. I think it’s worrying because I care about this little girl, and she is still a little girl.”

With this newly endorsed, twisted side to Arya, we can likely expect more name’s to be ticked off in the near future.

In the same interview, Williams spoke about the Stark children, and how they will “hopefully get [their] revenge, but [they]’re also gonna be a little bit messed up by it all.”

Williams added that, as wonderful as it would be for the character to meet her relates, she’d rather see her meet “Melisandre or Cersei and not be dead at the end of it.”

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