For a little while there, it almost seemed as though Michonne wasn’t going to make it out of the last few episodes alive. While Rick was preoccupied with gathering supplies for Negan, the fearless warrior takes matters into her own hands and ambushes Isabelle, the feisty red-headed member of the Saviors. While it makes more sense for Michonne to either kidnap or kill Isabelle, instead Michonne seems to embark on a one-woman suicide mission when she demands to be taken to see Negan.

Even though Michonne should know full well that killing Negan and making it out alive would be a nearly impossible task, she doesn’t show any trepidation about the undertaking. That is, until Isabelle rolls up on one of the Savior’s outposts and Michonne realizes that she’d be killed or captured long before seeing Negan face-to-face. Even though she heads back to Alexandria defeated, we’re grateful that Michonne didn’t meet her demise in a season where Negan had already killed off far too many of Rick’s group. Excluding Spencer. We weren’t exactly sad to see him go.

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