This post contains spoilers for Season 7, Episode 6 of Game of Thrones.

YOU GUYS. I can't believe Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen invented hand-holding.

But seriously, WHAT AN EPISODE for Jon and Dany's relationship.

We had:

* Tyrion telling Dany that Jon's in love with her.
* Jon trusting in Dany to come and rescue the crew.
* Dany actually risking her life and her kids' lives to save Jon and the crew.
* Jon and Dany mutually admiring each other in battle (and Jon pushing Tormund out of the way so he could get a better view).
* Jon and Dany reaching for each other but just missing.
* Jon being pissed AF that one of Dany's babies died and then telling Dany to leave and save herself/Drogon/everyone else.
* Dany being freaked out that she couldn't save Jon.
* Dany waiting for Jon on top of the Wall despite it seeming really likely he'd be dead.
* Dany seeing Jon's scars and finally knowing he really did take a knife in the heart for his people.


* Dany waiting by Jon's bedside.
* Jon's first thought upon waking being about Dany's loss.
* Jon grabbing Dany's hand.
* Dany talking about the dragons being her only children, and Jon understanding.
* Dany swearing to fight the Night King ~together~ without Jon needing to bend the knee.
* Jon bending the knee ANYWAY because he now knows and values Dany and actually wants to pledge allegiance to her.
* Jon calling her "Dany" and "my queen".
* Dany grabbing Jon's hand and Jon not wanting to let go.
* Dany being so awed by Jon that she actually shows some humility and says "I hope I deserve it", because she knows just how much allegiance from a man like him means.
* A boatload of eye-fucking.
* The deaths of every person who ships Jon and Dany (yeah, yeah, they're related, we're long past caring about that on this goddamn show).

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