The costumes on Game of Thrones always have a tale to tell – perhaps none more so than Sansa's. Since the beginning, Sansa has made her own clothes...

...and used her needle as a weapon of her own. It may not be as deadly as Arya's Needle, but in the political game that Sansa has been learning to play, it's important.

Sansa has used her hair and clothing to send very deliberate messages to her allies and her enemies on multiple occasions. The "dark Sansa" outfit she wore in Season 5, for instance, was an indication that she was well and truly a player in the game, with costume designer Michele Clapton explaining that her necklace specifically was symbolic of her own Needle. In Season 6, when Sansa reunited with Jon and the two of them were seeking allies in the North, she dressed not only herself, but also Jon, in the most Stark-ish clothes possible, reminiscent of Ned and Catelyn.

There's been a lot of speculation over Sansa's costuming in Season 7, as everyone tries to figure out exactly where her allegiances lie. But this week Clapton shared some details that confirm Sansa still seriously distrusts Littlefinger.

If Sansa's 1,000% done with his bullshit attitude didn't already tip you off.

On HBO's behind-the-scenes website, Clapton said Sansa's belt represents her bodily autonomy, and her costume is a message to Littlefinger to back the fuck off.

(source buzzfeed)

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