While the HBO smash hit will no doubt go down in history as one of the best shows on TV, it seems not everyone recognises Maisie Williams quite as well.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1 on Tuesday, Williams was speaking about GoT when Nick Grimshaw revealed he had mined some awkward questions from co-star Sophie Turner.

What resulted was a rather excellent story about Bono that was equally embarrassing as it was amazing.

You know when you buy a ticket at the cinema and the cashier says, “Enjoy your movie,” and you reply with, “You too.”?

Well, Maisie lived that embarrassment… but tenfold.

Turns out, one of the GoT star’s best facepalm moments was at a U2 concert during her first encounter with Bono, the instantly-recognisable legendary lead singer.

She said:

I didn’t want to do the thing like ‘oh I know who you are’, because people do that and it’s really annoying.

I’d had a drink, and he goes: “Hi, what’s your name?” and I said: “I’m Maisie.”

And I went to say ‘what’s your name’, which you just can’t say to Bono… And he was like: “I’m Bono.”

And I just sat there very awkwardly.

(source unilad)

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