With Supernatural in its eleventh season, the drama has plenty of room to poke fun at other dramas. Their target tonight was a familiar one. Supernatural debuted its latest episode “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell,” and the story started with one massive easter egg for TWD fans

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may have left Supernatural seasons ago, but his memory remains on-set. The actor joined The Walking Dead to play the drama’s ultra-violent villain Negan. However, to the Winchester Brothers, Morgan is still their father.

In the opening shots, fans watched as Dean strutted into frame with a familiar weapon. The man entered a bunker of the Men of Letters doused in blood, and a barbed-wire bat was slung from his hand. When Dean mentioned their father loved the bat he was holding, fans promptly lost it.

In the past, fans have wondered whether Morgan would ever consider returning to Supernatural following his leave. Speaking to TV Line, executive producer Andrew Dabb said Supernatural would welcome back Morgan if the star ever wanted to be a Winchester again.

“I don’t really worry about that because by the time he comes back, I’m sure [Supernatural] will have been on for 20 seasons at that point, and The Walking Dead will be long over,” he said. “Jeffrey’s an amazing actor… He plays such a great bad guy. But at the same time… if you give him really good material, he can go back to being someone we know and love and someone we can empathize with.”

“I have full faith in him as an actor,” he continued, “and I’m excited to see [him return as John] if it ever comes to pass.”

(source comicbook)

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