10. Penny Blake

One of the most frustrating things that a character can do in The Walking Dead is refuse to acknowledge the zombie apocalypse occurring around them. As exemplified with Lizzie, this naïveté often comes across as foolish and annoying. Thus, having the antagonist of the season in The Governor feel so attached to his zombified daughter made her very presence very unwanted.

Whether he was brushing her dead hair or trying to feed her while she was chained up, The Governor treated Penny as if she was still his daughter. But rather than make us feel bad for him, we just grew to resent his stupidity. So when Michonne finally stabbed her through the back of the head, despite his pleas against it, we finally let out a breath of satisfaction.

Of course, we’re obliged to point out here that Penny was already dead. And while we’re not looking at the 10 most satisfying zombie kills, she’s treated enough like a character that we’re willing to accept it here. Especially considering how great it was to see someone finally deal a real blow to The Governor.

9. Crighton Dallas Wilton

Crighton’s death is an interesting case since we never met him in person nor saw him die. In fact, he’d been long dead before we even got to the episode. Yet, it was so relieving to find out that he had, in fact, died.

As Eastman recounted the story of Crighton Dallas Wilton, it was hard not to feel his pain. Wilton is portrayed as the sickest of psychopaths and without even glimpsing him in person, we immediately despised him. So when Eastman laid out what he had planned to do to him. To capture him and starve him to death in his cabin, we were all wondering if he actually went through with it, and hoping that he had.

And even though it brought Eastman no solace, as an audience, it did for us. Knowing that the evil he did was punished was immensely gratifying, to the point where even just imagining it was more impactful than most on-screen deaths.

Seeing his grave was also a nice touch, especially considering it was probably the first one that Eastman dug.

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