In the film Cheaper by the Dozen, we are given a glimpse into the life of a couple and their twelve children, as they battle with their parents against moving to a new city, despite the father being offered a better job. Check out the insane trailer below:

Wonder what the kids from the film are up to now? We have the answers!

1. Piper Perabo (Nora Baker)

Fun Fact: Perabo is named after the actress Piper Laurie, who is most famous for her roles in Carrie and Twin Peaks.

2. Tom Welling (Charlie Baker)

Fun Fact: Welling originally worked as a construction worker, but was discovered at a party in 1998 in Nantucket by a scout, who suggested he try his hand at modeling. This inspired Welling to move to Los Angeles, where he then also pursued an acting career.

3. Hilary Duff (Lorraine Baker)

Fun Fact: Duff and her sister Haylie always had the will and drive to become entertainers, and attended singing, acting, and ballet classes as little girls when they lived in San Antonio, Texas.

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