14. Lizzie Samuels

Lizzie was sweet and caring, and watching Carol fall back into a maternal role with her and Mika was fun to watch. It was all the more heartbreaking then when we had to watch Carol kill Lizzie after she killed Mika. Lizzie was messed up and killed her own sister, but she didn’t do it out of malice and honestly believed life as a walker was better.

Notable kills: Mika (her sister)

13. The Prisoners

The Prisoners weren’t ~all~ bad— Oscar and Axel turned out to be cool — but the few that were bad turned out to be total assholes. Their initial feeble attempt to kill Rick and the others was laughable, though the later-orchestrated attack by one of them was unfortunately successful. Overall, they made for some good short-term villains, but didn’t have enough charisma or badass-ness to make a huge lasting impact.

Notable kills: Lori and T-Dog (through planned walker attack)

12. Pete Anderson

Pete was an abusive asshole that terrified both his wife and children. He was manipulative and jealous, and started a fight with Rick after Rick simply had a conversation with Pete’s wife. At least we got a great fight scene out of it. Rick nearly got kicked out, Pete killed Reg, and then Pete got killed. To sum it up, it was a shitshow, and Pete deserved what he got.

Notable kills: Reg Monroe

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