This post is full of spoilers for Season 6, Episode 8 of Game of Thrones. Proceed with caution.

After a week of wild speculation based on some seemingly legit clues on the show, the answer to Arya’s fate turned out to be much simpler than we thought.

She really was stabbed by the Waif, and she turned to Lady Crane for help. When the Waif tracked her down and killed Lady Crane, the still-injured Arya led her on a parkour-laden chase through Braavos before finally luring her into the cave where she’d hidden Needle. In a bad-ass move, Arya killed the light and then the Waif, beating her in the dark easily thanks to all those blind training montages.

While it is cool that Arya trapped the Waif, the episode made her prior moves seem incredibly silly and out of character, and left a lot of questions hanging.

Like, why would Arya walk around Braavos so open and confidently in the last episode, loudly announcing where she was heading for anyone to hear? And why would she not carry Needle with her AT ALL times? Why would she not be more wary of strangers, ESPECIALLY ONE WHOSE FACE SHE HAD DEFINITELY SEEN IN THE HALL OF FACES IN SEASON 5?! Why did she talk about going “west of Westeros” when her revenge plans haven’t really changed? How the HELL could she run and jump through Braavos with that injury? AND defeat the uninjured Waif? Actually, how is she even ALIVE with that injury? Especially after she fell into the presumably polluted river? HOW? WHAT? HUH? WHYYY?

But at least the sequence did give us this triumphant moment.

After over a season of trying to become “no one”, Arya has finally truly reclaimed her identity and is heading back to Westeros. Complete with some bad-ass new skills and, um, possible invincibility to stab wounds.

And it was enough to make fans really, really happy…

(source buzzfeed)

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