“Battle of the Bastards” was a stunning, powerful episode on multiple levels. But one scene in particular really left its mark – when Jon Snow almost gets crushed by his own men.

It’s difficult to watch and yet impossible to look away. Considering it wasn’t even in the original script. (director Miguel Sapochnik told EW it was a last-minute addition due to time and budget constraints)

As Kit Harington said, the scene creates both a spiritual rebirth for Jon and a connection with Daenerys.

Kit says: “[We’ve] never really seen Jon give up on anyone or anything. And that was the difference in this battle, and the difference for me after coming back to life… What if he just stopped? What if the fatigue gets to him? And the first moment we found that was when the crush starts happening and he just slows down. And he’s lying on the ground. It’s that thing of finding peace for a moment – ‘I could just stay here. I could let it all end.’

“And then something drives him to fight up. And that moment where he comes up and he gasps for breath, he’s reborn again in a way. Which I found weirdly reflective of the moment of Dany being held aloft at the end of Season 3.”

It’s a powerful moment, and reinforces the parallels of Jon and Dany.

They are both Targaryens whose mothers died in childbirth (if the R+L=J true), and they both start out as underdogs who are thrust into leadership positions. Many fans believe that one or both of them will fulfill the “prince that was promised” prophecy, and that together they are the song of ice and fire.

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(source buzzfeed)

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