20. Jaime Loses A Hand

It says a lot about a show when one of the main characters gets his infamous sword-hand lopped off and it only just squeezes onto a list of most shocking moments.

19. Lysa And Robin Arryn

Robin is a sickly child, Lysa is a psychotic, over-protective, sheltering mother who is still keen to breastfeed her son, despite him being close to age 10 in the show. Again, it’s not blood, guts, or anything massively sinister, but it was still shocking to see something so bizarre on our screens. He could at least be on a bottle by now…

18. Arya Vs. Meryn Trant

Trant was outed as a paedophile, just another justification for Arya ending him, on top of his generally cruel nature throughout the early seasons of the show. Fans had been waiting for Arya’s training to pay off in some way, and they were given a taste of what may be ahead for her as she annihilated Trant, stabbing his eyes, slashing his throat and sticking him like pins in a cork board.

17. Golden Crown

Viserys’ delusions of grandeur, complete lack of respect and class, as well as his total disregard for Daenerys culminated in a grim death. Khal Drogo’s uber-quick melting coins bubbled into a molten goo, before the pot was poured over the Targaryen’s head. Viserys received the golden crown he craved, even though it completely fried his head in the process. It was brutal, it was unique, it was shocking.

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