Just a couple episodes ago, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” made it seem like Daryl might take on one of Carl’s plot roles from the comic. After being captured by The Saviors, the antagonists (mainly Dwight) try to break him the same way Negan broke Rick in the season premiere. But Daryl — staying true to his character — doesn’t budge.

Because Negan expresses admiration towards Daryl — even as he continues to defy The Saviors — there are shades of his relationship with Carl in the comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. Readers likely remember that, when the younger Grimes spends time with The Saviors, Negan respects his toughness, stubbornness and marksmanship skills. They don’t exactly become friends (Carl continues to despise him), but their relationship is a little more complex than pure hatred. And with how things were going in “The Cell,” it looked as if Negan and Daryl were gearing up for a similar dynamic.

While that still may be the case, tonight’s episode, “Go Getters,” shows that Carl will most likely be getting to know Negan a little better as well. At the end, it’s revealed that, just like in the comic, he’s sneaked into one of The Saviors’ supply trucks with the intention of infiltrating their headquarters and killing Negan. Jesus has (somewhat inadvertently) joined him.

Now, the show could of course take a crazy left turn and have the truck crash or something, but as of right now, it looks like it’s continuing season 7’s pattern of staying faithful to the comic, for the most part. So if Carl’s heading into Negan’s territory, that begs the question… what exactly is going to happen to Daryl? In what way will he “go dark,” as stated by Norman Reedus? Stay tuned for our full recap and review later tonight.

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