WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead For The Walking Dead Midseason Finale!

While the midseason finale of The Walking Dead will likely be remembered for its quick pace and shocking deaths, the episode also contained a couple of the most heartfelt moments of the season.

Rick and Michonne created one of these moments in the jail, when the couple realized that they could only make it through the difficulties of this life with the help of one another. Michonne even delivered one of Andrea's famous lines from the comics, solidifying that she and Rick belong together.

The other major tear-jerker in the episode came during Maggie's morning routines. At the beginning of the episode, Maggie is seen crying at Glenn's grave before taking her post on the Hilltop wall. This happens again at the end of the episode, showing that this is something the character does on a daily basis.

It was sad to see Maggie so torn up, but it was beautiful know she starts each day with the thought of Glenn's love. The moment was important, but the change in Maggie's wardrobe was also her way of honoring her late husband.

For many seasons, Glenn was known for wearing his baseball cap wherever he went. It wasn't until Maggie showed up, and took the hat off herself, that Glenn stopped wearing it regularly.

Now that Maggie has put a positive spin back on her life, she is using Glenn's style as a way to direct her positive energy. Glenn always lived like the glass was half full, and Maggie is donning the new cap to try channeling all of that energy.

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