BANG. If you were in any doubt as to whether The Walking Dead had properly kicked off yet, you’re not any more. The Premiere got us off to a fantastic structured start, but Episode 2 came along like a monstrous wrecking ball and smashed the whole thing to pieces.

The fearsome, rabid Wolves struck Alexandria in the blink of an eye. One minute life revolved around perfecting an efficient casserole, the next it was all about trying to stave off a rampant band of vicious invaders. That’s the new world, and that’s what the Alexandria residents weren’t adapted to. It was a massacre to say the least.

Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Heath and more characters were all still out in the woods dealing with the walkers, and none of them made an appearance. And for that reason, the Walking Dead writers need a pat on the back for keeping such a frantic episode on course with just a handful of fringe players.

We finally found out where the horn came from, and with several characters all advancing in some way, shape, or form, there have been countless questions raised by fans as we once again wait on tenterhooks for the next episode to roll around.

10. Who Is Enid?

Okay, so that opening sequence was tremendous. The editing, the style, the content; the pre-credits scenes were fantastic, but we still don’t really know who Enid is. Will we ever see her again now that’s she’s seemingly fled Alexandria?

Theories have suggested that she’s actually got a far deeper role than being simply another troubled teen. Could Enid be a spy for the Wolves group who launched the assault on Alexandria? Meeting up with the group was omitted from her flashback journey, but could it have happened? She wants to ‘just survive somehow’, could that include betraying the Alexandria residents?

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