Death is inevitable. We’re all going to die someday, so just be thankful that you’re not living in the world of The Walking Dead where it creeps up on people far quicker than they could ever hope.

It may seem like the lazy way out to simply kill off a character for effect, but in a world overflowing with rotting flesh-eaters, it’s the easiest way to move storylines along while producing immense drama and generally making us all cry.

First up, can we just address a pretty major issue? You don’t really think anybody’s making it out of this show alive, do you? If you’re clinging to the hope that there’s a happy ending after all is said and done, then I can only commend, respect, admire and ultimately pity you.

Everyone has a ‘sell-by’ date and there’s a host of characters set to discover theirs has expired.

There’s an enormous character list for The Walking Dead, so this has been narrowed to a selection of the most prominent, definitely-alive series regular cast members, but who should be the most worried? Who can sleep safely at night? Which fan-favourite looks nailed on to be given a brutal ending? Prepare to speculate.

16. Rick

Okay, this seems extremely confident – because I am – but Rick Grimes will 100% not die in Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

It sounds fairly obvious, but there’s far more to it than just ‘you can’t kill off the main guy’. The show suffered a slight decline in viewers through the first half, and killing off arguably the greatest man among them won’t do AMC any favours.

There’s also the fact that this is Rick Grimes’ story: it’s not a documentary depicting life after the world ended. It’s a story of Rick’s life after the world ended. Other characters will come and go, but Rick will remain the constant.

The Walking Dead creators have even discussed the idea of going well into double figures for seasons, and if that’s the case, we’re only at the halfway point (at the very earliest).

They won’t kill Rick anytime soon, and if they do, they kill the show with him.

Chance of Dying: 0/10

15. Carol

“The Carol that’s in the comic was my attempt to show just how broken an individual can become from the zombie apocalypse.

The Carol in the show, which is a much better character let’s be honest, actually is made stronger by all the more horrible things that happen to her in the show. Killing her would definitely not … we can’t do that.”

So said Robert Kirkman at the New York Comic Con in 2015. It’s not often the creator of a global phenomenon comes out and declares one character to be safe.

Carol really should be one of the last people standing, as her character has developed more than any other. It’ll be fantastic to see her grow, and let’s face it if they do turn around and kill her straight away, it would be an incredibly petulant, cheap move by Kirkman to declare her safe beforehand.

Chance of Dying: 1/10

14. Carl

I’m calling it: Carl is the man. Once upon a time he was just an annoying child who kept finding himself in awful situations thanks to the world’s worst parent of all-time, Lori.

Those days seem like a long time ago, and over the course of the last season or so, Carl has really developed from stroppy teen to young man.

The stark contrast between Carl and the moronic Ron is plain to see. Ron can’t handle the world, while Carl has fully adapted to it.

With each passing episode, he’s growing and becoming a more influential figure within the group. Carl still has an immense amount of potential, and barring his baby sister Judith, there’s no other youngster we could watch develop from child to man.

He’s unique in that sense, and that’s why he needs to stay around.

Chance of Dying: 2/10

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