The Game of Thrones Season 7 finale is almost here, and the teaser promises a truly epic convergence of characters.

For nearly its whole run, the characters of Game of Thrones have been on their own journeys, crossing over here and there, but for the most part largely separate. In the last two seasons, as we near the conclusion of the story, the characters have been meeting and reuniting, with their stories overlapping more and more. The Season 7 finale looks to be the peak of this trend, with the largest gathering of main characters we've seen since Season 1, as Jon and his allies meet with Cersei in King's Landing to try and convince her to put a pause on the war for the Iron Throne so they can defeat the Night King together. Because there is sure to be A LOT going on in the scene, here's a refresher on how all the characters know each other, and what their feelings towards each other might be...

First up: Jon Snow. This is the first time he's ever been in the south (since his birth), let alone King's Landing.

And he is serving such Ned Stark vibes, it's killing me.

He's coming face to face with Cersei and Jaime Lannister, who he has met before – waaay back at the start of Season 1.

He only shared a very brief moment of screentime with Cersei, as he was in the second row, behind his family, when the queen arrived at Winterfell with King Robert and greeted the Starks. This was because of his bastard status – Cersei would have barely noticed him. How far he has come!

He has good reason to hate her, knowing the part she has played in the deaths of his family members.

Jaime, meanwhile, had one memorable scene with Jon, in which he mocked him for joining the Night's Watch.

He remarks on the fact Jon has never swung a sword at an actual person, and then says, rather sarcastically, "Let me thank you ahead of time for guarding us all from the perils beyond the Wall. Wildlings and White Walkers and whatnot."

Now, Jon, who has probably swung his sword at more people (living and undead) than anyone in this whole series, will meet Jaime again with proof of the perils beyond the Wall.

As a side note – with Pod and Brienne in King's Landing, this will be Jon's first time seeing anyone from Winterfell since he departed in Episode 2 of this season. It'll be interesting to see if there's any discussion over the drastic changes that have taken place both at home and around Jon in the short period of time since then.

Then there's Tyrion, who will be returning to King's Landing ~officially~ (i.e. not smuggled) for the first time since he escaped in Season 4, after murdering his father and Shae.

Then, he was on the run from the executioner. Now, he's Hand of the Queen to his family's enemy.

He'll be seeing his sister for the first time since she gloated over his death sentence after Oberyn lost his trial by combat to the Mountain.

Since then, Cersei has learned that Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey – but, of course, he DID kill their father. She also blames him for Myrcella being sent to Dorne, and therefore her death. So, you know, there's no love lost between them. But the scenes the two shared in early seasons were always absolutely crackling with tension and brilliant dialogue, so here's hoping we get some good interactions when they meet again.

(source buzzfeed)

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