(Warning - the following might just change the way you see beloved '90s movie Jumanji forever, so it's probably best to proceed with whatever level of caution your childhood self suggests...)

Now, looking back on beloved movies from your childhood can be a risky business at the best of times - with what seemed like the greatest movie of all time when you were eight years old suddenly seeming like a giant pile of steaming trash to your adult eyes (I'm looking at you, Super Mario Bros.).

Some, though, not only hold up, but can actually improve with later viewing - with the Star Wars saga being the classic example. Others still, though, manage to somehow be both at once - simultaneously still awesome, but completely changed by a sudden realization born of watching them through adult eyes.

A perfect example of that?

Jumanji Is Hiding Something Seriously Disturbing Beneath the Surface

And I don't mean under Robin Williams' glorious, sadly missed beard. Instead, I'm talking about the pretty darned mind-blowing suggestion made recently by intrepid Redditor CnosOriginality, who pointed out that...

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