5. Karl Tanner

Like I said, many men in Westeros have been stabbed, but few quite like Tanner. As a mutinous Brother of the Night's Watch, he set up camp at Craster's Keep after he and a few other rogues killed Jeor Mormont.

In response to the mutiny, Jon Snow organized an attack party of loyal Brothers in order to assault the Keep. The assault ended in a single combat between Jon and Tanner, which resulted in Jon shoving Longclaw through the back of Tanner's head. Tanner definitely wasn't the first an to be impaled, but Longclaw's tip shooting through his open mouth was especially brutal.

4. Meryn Trant

When it comes to the subject of stabbing, I know many friends who are terrified of the very idea. Just the notion of a knife or sword entering your body and the expectation of intense pain was enough to make them cringe. Now imagine being stabbed in your face, several times, by a little girl.

When Arya Stark was training to become a servant of the Many-Faced God, she happened upon Meryn Trant, an old enemy who (supposedly) killed Syrio Forel, her sword teacher. When she got close to him, she pounced, stabbing both of his eyes before repeatedly stabbing his chest. Does that have you cringing yet?

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