It’s been about three years since the show ended, but somehow we just got a huge bit of “Breaking” news.

Yeah, your life has to be pretty messed up to make you throw pizza on the roof of your house. (That’s just wasteful, bro.) Now we finally know more about how Walter White got to that point in “Breaking Bad.” Namely, show creator Vince Gilligan and co-showrunner Peter Gould filled us in on why he left his old company, Gray Matter.

In the series, we learn White co-founded Gray Matter Technologies along with his friend Elliott Schwartz. White is dating his lab assistant, Gretchen, but he suddenly leaves her while spending 4th of July weekend with her family. He sells his shares of Gray Matter to his partner for $5,000. The company is later worth billions, Elliott and Gretchen get married and White goes on to, you know, die in a meth lab. (And they all lived happily ever after.)

The real reason White left Gray Matter, which serves as part of the motivation for the character’s dark turn, has remained a mystery, but while chatting with The Huffington Post about “Yo Soy Saul,” an original song created for “Better Call Saul,” Gilligan and Gould also finally opened up about one of the biggest unanswered questions from the series:

Here’s why Walter White left Gray Matter.


(source huffingtonpost)

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