The Walking Dead showrunner, Scott Gimple, has revealed that the show has an endgame - and that creator, Robert Kirkman, has offered to tell him what it is.

Speaking at the Saturn Awards in California, Gimple revealed that Kirkman has the ending for the series already planned out:

"I would say ‘Yes’ [there is an end-game]. I actually don’t like spoiling myself on the comic. I read it as I go. Robert’s offered to tell me the whole thing so I get general aspects of it. I know the emotional end game of the show but there’s practical aspects, I want to keep with the comic. With these characters, you definitely have to think of the emotional endgame and that is very much a part of where I’m headed. But I want to have the flexibility to change the practicals with the comic and I don’t want Robert to spoil the whole series for me."

Obviously Kirkman isn't going to tell us mere mortals how The Walking Dead is going to finish, so instead, I thought I'd present 3 theories on how I think it will go down. Let me know what you think and share your own ideas in the comments below.

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