It’s not necessary to spell out why having actual brothers (see entry #13) portray these two painfully funny siblings is a great decision. Kelso is the nitwit/daredevil, and Casey is the cool, calm, and uncaring older brother. It would be great to see these two real life brothers acting off of each other, and constantly at each other’s throats.

Franco is such an extraordinary comedic talent, and adding him to an already stacked roster of actors/actresses will really help to round out the different types of humor that will be on display in a program like That ’70s Show. Franco has proven again and again, in films like Pineapple Express, The Interview, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and the Spider-Man trilogy, that he is a comedic and dramatic force to be reckoned with, and Point Place would be lucky to have him.


Randy was Eric Forman’s replacement when he left for Africa in the show, and when Topher Grace notably left to pursue more noble acting positions. Randy was cheery and delightful in the show, and even though a massive hole was left when Eric departed, Randy managed to hold the show together, and offer enough interesting new material to keep the remainder of the series fresh and engaging.

Lucas Till is a gifted actor who seems like he is waiting for his big break, and it’s almost guaranteed that he would fit with Randy’s character well. Best known for his roles in the X-Men films, Till always shines when he’s on screen, and deserves a defining role. Perhaps being given the opportunity to come into his own in a series would be the perfect opportunity for him to grow and move forward as a potential future A-list leading man in film.


Kitty Forman is quite possible the most criminally underrated character from That ’70s Show. She always has the audience in tears, and most of the time it’s just from her incredible laugh. Kitty is the type of TV mom who feels real; she isn’t just a basic archetype – she’s an honest character with a complete arc of her own. She also cares deeply about the people in her home, and loves Red and Eric with all of her heart.

When casting Kitty, it’s crucial to find someone that you would want as your own TV mom. Mary Steenburgen is not only laugh-out-loud funny; she also has a very kind aura about her that translates into all of the television and film acting that she does. She was great as Nancy Huff in Step Brothers and as Buddy’s step-mother Emily in Elf, and those roles fit very well with Mrs. Forman’s.

(source screenrant)

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