As you probably already know, this week's episode of Game of Thrones was a frickin' emotional roller coaster.

And the worst part by far was watching THIS PRICK take down Viserion with an ice javelin.

The Night King has a hell of an arm, I'll give him that.

But that raises the question: How did the White Walkers even know to bring that spear?

Well, Thrones fans think they have it figured out. You see, the whole thing — from the moment Jon and co. captured that wight — was a deliberate trap set by the Night King.

The proof seems to lie in this shot of the White Walkers, who packed EXACTLY ENOUGH spears to throw at all three dragons.

THREE SPEARS, THREE DRAGONS. Redditor Sizzor19 noticed the detail, and it's pretty pun intended.
(source buzzfeed)

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