1. The Most Photographed Places In The World

2. Happiness Map

3. Earths Seasons

4. Hottest And Sexiest Women By Country

5. Red Hair Map of Europe

6. Average Breast Sizes By Country

7. Penis Size Worldwide

8. How Many Beers Will Minimum Wage Get You In Europe

9. More People Live Inside This Circle Than Outside Of It

10. Metal Bands Per 100000 People

11. Google Autocomplete Results Europe

12. Google Autocomplete Results USA

13. Google Autocomplete Results Asia

14. Countries Ranked By Emotional Tendencies

15. People In The EU Aged 25-34 Who Still Live With Their Parents

16. Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Crime

17. Where To Be Born Index

18. The World Divided Into Regions With A GDP of 1 Trillion Dollars

19. 2 of Australias Population Lives In This Region

20. Highest-Paid US Public Employees By State

21. Educational Backgrounds of World Leaders

22. How The World Would Look If Mapping Conventions Were Flipped Upside-Down

23. Most-Popular Type Of Alcoholic Beverage

24. The World According to Americans

25. The World Divided Into Seven Regions Each with a Population of One Billion

26. Every Country England Has Ever Invaded all but 22 countries in the world

27. Greatest And Lowest Racial Tolerance By Country

28. Birthright Citizenship Around the World

29. Cigarettes Smoked Per Person

30. Monarchies in the World

31. Global Distribution Of Atheists

32. Where People Feel The Most And Least Loved

33. Europe vs USA Sunshine Duration In Hours Per Year

34. Lactose Intolerance

35. The Most Popular Countries In The World To Visit

36. The Most-Listened-To Artist In Every US State

37. The Most Famous Brand From Each State In The US

38. Map of Countries Officially Not Using the Metric System

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