12. Big Hero 6 has a ton of Frozen references
Though Big Hero 6 will never be a world-conquering behemoth like Frozen, the animators feel a special kinship with the movie that's become the bane of parents around the globe. You can find several tributes to Elsa and company all over Disney's latest animated feature. The Frozen easter eggs are so prevalent that people started spotting them in the trailer.

Such as...Hans is a wanted man!

Looking closely at the top right of the bulletin board, you can see a "WANTED" poster with a perp that looks a little familiar. Sure enough, it's that one-syllable creep Hans. No doubt he's on the run to avoid the Fraud, Embezzlement and Misdemeanor Douchebaggery charges.

That's not the only place the Big Hero 6 animators stuck it to Hans. If you have a sharp eye, you can see the Southern Isles Slimeball in the form of a statue that gets totally obliterated by Baymax.

Bad feelings aside, there's actually a nice cameo from the ship from Frozen in the bay, in the bottom left. Wonder what voracious fan theories will sprout from that.

In the same scene, Baymax flies under a bridge and for just a moment you can see Olaf in the bottom right, just, you know, chillin'.

But what about easter eggs in Frozen itself? There are a few fun ones here and there, but you might have missed this one...

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