Celebrities always seem to come up with the most entertaining costume ideas, and though most of us aren't about to shell out the cash needed to perfectly recreate their looks, we can at least use them as inspiration for our own crappy DIY getups. Our favorite celebs from across the board definitely brought their A-game this year, from Demi Lovato turning heads as Selena Quintanilla to Kim K pulling out a whopping 3 costumes in the span of a week (Aaliyah, Cher with Jonathan Cheban as Sonny, and Madonna with Kourtney as Michael Jackson), and we'd be happy to see any of them turn up at our door for candy. Seriously. We'll be waiting with a bowl of fun-sized Mars Bars until the sun comes up.

Scroll down to see the most spook-tacular celebrity Halloween costumes of 2017, and be sure to vote for the ones that made you jump.

#1 Never Buy A Costume That Says "One Size Fits Most"

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#2 Actor Bruce Willis And Assistant Stephen J. Eads As The Shining's Grady Twins

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#3 Neil Patrick Harris And His Family Win Halloween

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#4 Adele As The Mask

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#5 Pink And Her Family As E.T. Characters

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#6 Kristen Bell, The Voice Of Anna In Frozen, Had To Be Elsa For Halloween. Because Her Daughter Made Her Do It

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#7 Harrison Ford’s Halloween Game Is Strong

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#8 Terry Crews As Popeye

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#9 Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock As Fishermen

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#10 Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool

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