#1 Devon Werkheiser as Ned Bigby

via Instagram: devonwerkharder

Since Ned’s Declassified, Devon has appeared in many films with Bad Sister as his most recent. He also continued with TV work, which consisted of Greek and Never Fade Away. According to his Instagram, he still loves acting and making music.

#2 Lindsey Shaw as Jennifer Ann “Moze” Mosely

via Instagram: ladymshawsters

Lindsey’s been up to a ton since Ned’s Declassified ended. You may have seen her in Pretty Little Liars, Faking It, or Suburgatory. Catch her on Instagram or Twitter!

#3 Daniel Curtis Lee as Simon “Cookie” Nelson-Cook

via Instagram: daniel_curtis_lee

Daniel has also been crazy busy since the end of Ned’s Declassified. He’s starred in Zeke and Luther, Glee, and most recently, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He’s also into making music, which you can check out on his SoundCloud.

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