When it comes to the world of animation, it's a given that the folks who bring the characters to life won't look like their animated counterpart. While seeing the difference is always fun, it's also a distinct reminder that voice over artists are often blessed with a wide vocal range, and the ability to make lines on paper come to life in such vibrant ways is not easy to obtain.

Cartoon Network boasts a long history of classic voice actors: no matter when you grew up, these voices (such as Fred Flintstone and Bugs Bunny) are iconic enough to recognize. Here are a few of Cartoon Network's most recognizable, but unrecognizable voice actors!

Scott Menville - Robin, Teen Titans

One of Scott Menville's most popular roles to date has got to be his multiple turns as Dick Grayson, A.K.A. Robin. One of his most recognizable performances as Robin was in the hit series, Teen Titans, though he has reprised the roles in various shows and video games. While Menville may not be a thin teenage boy with hair, he is hilarious and an incredible actor. Along with Robin, you might recognize him as the voice of Bucky Barnes in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Ma-Ti from Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

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